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Former NH governor on son's big win

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New Hampshire will have a new governor come January.

The walls of John Sununu's home office are filled with pictures that could be hanging in an American history museum. Sununu, who served three terms as New Hampshire's 75th Governor, was also the Chief of Staff for President George Herbert Walker Bush. But politics is not a discussion that often comes up at the family dinner table.

"In an odd way, we don't talk politics in this house," said John Sununu. 

And because of that he says he was surprised when one of his youngest children, Chris, decided to run for governor this past election. It was a race he won and he's soon to become the youngest governor in the country.   

"For the last 20 years, except for one two year period, the Democrats have controlled the Governor's office in New Hampshire. So, Chris's win this time is extremely important," said John Sununu. 

On the state level, Republicans in the Granite State had a good year taking majorities in the New Hampshire's statehouse and governor's council.   Sununu says that will be an advantage for his son.   

"One of the most important items on his agenda is to restore that New Hampshire advantage and I think the fact that he has the Republican Legislature to work with is going to help him get that done," said John Sununu. 

But, he says when it comes to governing, governor-elect Chris Sununu will have to carve his own path.  

"The only advice that is ever taken, even if you are a parent who is a former governor, is advice that is asked for. So, if he asks, I will give it to him," said Sununu. 

However, having spent time in the White House, he does have a piece of advice for president-elect Donald Trump.  

"Take your time and make the appointments right.  There is a lot of pressure in the press that he has got to be making quick decisions," said John Sununu. 

Sununu says Trump will likely have to change his style once he takes the oath of office. Off-the-cuff tweets he says, like the ones Trump is known for have much more impact in the Oval Office.  

"A president's comments have to be measured and have to be focused and have to be direct. Spontaneous comments are usually what get presidents into difficult situations that they have to spend a lot of political capital to fix," said Sununu. 

John Sununu says he doesn't miss Washington, but a recently published book chronicles the man he once served. Chris was still in high school at that time. Now, he'll be New Hampshire's next governor coming out on top in an election different from all others that came before it.      

"More discomfort that I have ever seen in my lifetime in politics and I don't think we are going to see another election like this is a long time," said John Sununu. 

There was at least one bright spot for the Democrats in New Hampshire this election. For the first time ever the Granite State will be sending an all-female, all Democratic delegation to Washington.

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