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Super Senior: Andrew Moffatt

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It's been a holiday tradition for generations-- a trip to the Moffatts' Christmas tree stand in South Burlington.

Andrew Moffatt: You want to get your hat, chief?

Reporter Joe Carroll: I might.

Andrew Moffatt: Being a Vermonter, I'd say yes, you need a hat for a day like today.

It's cold and wind, but there's warmth coming from Andrew Moffatt.

"Some of the stuff we see in the city is a little different up where we live," he said.

Like a customer leaving with a tree on a bike.

"That is the first time I've seen that happen," Andrew said.

And that says a lot. In a sense, Andrew's business hasn't changed, the area around him has.

"When I first got here, there was one store across the street called Zayre's," he noted. "This was all woods right here."

Now, Dorset Street is one of the busiest sections of real estate in the state.

Marsha Baldwin: How are you?

Andrew Moffatt: How's that big Cadillac you used to come in, huh?

"So what do you want to look at here? You want to look at one of them trees? Let me hold one out here," Andrew said.

He's got regulars like Marsha Baldwin of Burlington. She's been coming since the early 1970s.

"This is tradition, bottom line," she said.

"She's taken home some half again as this, haven't you?" Andrew said.

With 50 years of ornaments, Marsha needs a big tree.

"I love his accent!" one customer said. "It's gone, it's gone, you don't hear don't hear it often anymore."

Andrew lives on the same farm he was born on in Craftsbury. He started selling Christmas trees with his wife, Eve, way back in 1964, the year they got married.

Joe Carroll: How old are you?

Andrew Moffatt: Just a young guy, 77. Just the right age.

Joe Carroll: Why so?

Andrew Moffatt: Because many are denied the privilege to make it to 77.

He now shares the business with his son Jesse and daughter-in-law Dianne. They're here until Christmas Eve-- yes, people wait until the very last minute-- providing there are still trees left to sell. For one month a year, it's fast food and hotel rooms for the Moffatts.

"We're happy to go home Christmas Eve," Andrew said.

It's really a tradition for people to see the Moffatts and get their Christmas tree every season. But after 46 years, they might have to find them somewhere else.

"Well, they call it city improvement," Andrew said. "They're going to widen the street and, I guess, according to plans build all kinds of stuff down here."

It will be the gateway to South Burlington's new downtown.

"Nothing's forever, so if we have to move, we'll move," Andrew said.

And just like the season, they will be back again in November.

"There's quite a lot of trees here!" Andrew said.

The Moffatts came to town with 700 trees, all from the Craftsbury and Eden area.

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