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Super Senior: Art Stultz

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The garage is where Art Stultz goes to think.

"It is, indeed. I spend most weekdays in here," he said.

Art has both an artistic side and an analytical side. He's done pinstriping on hundreds of hot rods.

"I enjoy the whole aspect of making designs," he said.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You even have it on your tractor.

Art Stultz: Might as well. If it stays still long enough, might as well pinstripe it.

Art grew up in Burlington. He's tinkered with things as long as he can remember.

"I was pretty inquisitive," he recalled.

He built a go-kart when he was 14 and got it up to a top speed of 22 mph.

Art Stultz: It's plenty fast for a sidewalk.

Joe Carroll: Come on, I bet you put it on the street once in a while.

Art Stultz: Well... I did.

His love of motors continued. Art taught automotive technology at the Essex Technical Center for over two decades. Now retired, you'll still find him at the Essex football games with one of his inventions.

"I actually call this scroll stat," he said.

It's kind of short hand; the coach gets a very detailed email with the game's stats.

Joe Carroll: Who won that game?

Art Stultz: We won't talk about that.

A decade ago, Art was sidelined. He got pancreatic cancer.

Joe Carroll: How sick were you?

Art Stultz: Oh, I was pretty sick. I was in the hospital for like 15 days.

Art is now cancer-free. He credits his wife, Marion, for getting him through the illness. Now 80, Art is as inquisitive as ever. When I told him "go fly a kite" he was happy to oblige.

Joe Carroll: What made you think of this?

Art Stultz: Laziness!

He brings along another one of his inventions-- a kite line winder.

"Then when I'm ready to bring it in, I just throw this switch and in comes the kite," he explained. "I've flown every month of the year."

We're going to a soccer field just down the road. The wind is our friend.

"Let's go fly a kite," Art said.

And-- you might have guessed-- he made the kite, too.

Joe Carroll: Is there quite a bit of setup?

Art Stultz: Nope, we're ready to go.

After setting up his line winder, the next step is patience.

"I'm going to wait for the wind to pick up a little," Art said. "And off she goes."

But with all inventors, success comes with failures.

"So when I'm ready, I can simply throw this switch. Ooooh! Probably busted it, maybe did," he said.

Joe Carroll: Sorry about your kite.

Art Stultz: Well, so be it. If you break your kite, you just go out and build a better one.

For Art and his imagination, the sky's the limit.

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