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Bell Club Apparel

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He's a Military Veteran, a stay at home dad, and now an entrepreneur.  The fitness shirts he makes in his garage send a powerful message.

It's moving day at Bell Club Apparel.  Tom Lowell's largest order to date is shipping out. "It's a relief.  It's one less thing hanging over my head," Lowell said.

Not even a year as an official business, Bell got his Bell Club Apparel T-Shirts into Gainzbox, an online fitness subscription box company. "We either do something like this -- get our shirts out there throughout the whole country -- or we just kind of chug along here selling them at local gyms and then hopefully they get out there," Lowell said.

Last April, Bell and his business partners, Dain and Tyler, started selling shirts at a local fitness show in Burlington. "We sold 100 shirts and it was cool," Lowell said. The Gainzbox order required a few more shirts --  like 5,700 more. "I didn't think we'd get an order for that many shirts in three years," Lowell said.

For three months Lowell worked hard in his garage to get those 5,800 shirts printed. But he wasn't alone, friends and family helped out -- up to 10 at one time --  getting the shirts printed, packed and ready to ship.

"It was just a real collaborative effort for everybody to just come together and help make this work.  What could be better than that?" said Cathy Lowell, Tom's Mom.

"He'll call me up and say, 'I'm behind, I need help,' and so I'll head over.  When he decides to do something he does it. He goes full force," said Rob Lowell, Tom's Brother.

Like in 2008 when Lowell decided to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan before coming home in 2011. "It truly is a whole new world over there," he said.
Lowell was one of the lucky ones, avoiding injury in combat, but for every shirt sold he is giving a portion of the proceeds to military facilities helping  the injured, or the families suffering from a loss. "What a great way to support our veterans and give back to the communities that they're in, and I just think it's really important and very special," he said. "There's so many, I'd like to get to them all one at a time."

One at a time, much like Tom Lowell's shirt printing process.  United strength, much like the military he supports, and the power-lifters, body builders and Crossfitters he's bringing together. "If you're into fitness, we like you,"  Lowell said.

Tom Lowell hopes 6,000 fitness fanatics will like Bell Club Apparel.  Don't worry, he didn't mind the heavy lifting.  Heavy lifting is what this company is all about.   

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