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Super Senior: Glenn Eldredge

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With age, Glenn Eldredge has slowed down, but it hasn't stopped his excitement for what he loves. 

"Here I come, ready or not," said Glenn. 

Making furniture in his tiny workshop.

"I've been busy all summer, I mean steady," said Glenn. "I haven't stopped."

It's 104-square feet of paradise.

"I don't have many, too many fancy tools," said Glenn.

The workshop is just the right size for the 91-year-old.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Where did you get your skills from?  

Glenn: Me. 

Carroll: Doing the carpentry work?  

Glenn: Me.

Glenn is building a child's chair to give away.

When he retired in 1988 from a manufacturing job, the workshop became his vocation. 

Carroll: Do you give away a lot of your stuff?  

Glenn: Oh gosh yes.

He's made hundreds of pieces of furniture for friends and family. Glenn also donates them to local church bazaars. His reward isn't cash.

"I have had them shed a tear cause they love it! You know and that a big dollar bill to me," said Glenn. 

Glenn and his wife Shirley spent most of their lives in Stockbridge where they raised two children. When Glenn was a young child he lived through one of Vermont's most destructive natural disasters.

Carroll: You remember the 1927 flood?  

Glenn: Oh no, I don't remember anything about it, but I was in it.

He was just a few years old and his mother told the story to him later in life.

"And when it started coming up the steps on the steps they thought it about time to get out," siad Glenn.

The event was eerily similar to another flood 84 years later, Tropical Storm Irene. For Glenn that day is vivid.

"My garage door was down and the lady next store come rapped on my window and she said Glenn you got to get out of here because the water is beginning to rise," said Glenn.

What came next was total devastation.

Glenn: My house was over near the little flat.

Carroll: It's hard to believe there was a house there at one time.

Glenn: Two houses!

The culvert plugged with debris and flooded the area taking his neighbor's house and barn downstream.  

"Well it just a...mind boggling," said Glenn.

A 4-foot tide of water went through the Eldredge home. The flood didn't claim his house, Federal Emergency Management Association did declaring it a disaster area, but for the guy who admits to being a softy, he was at peace with the loss.

"I was never in love with the place, it cost me a lot of work, a lot of hard work," said Glenn.

Glenn calls it a blessing in disguise. He went from a 200-year-old home to a manageable apartment close by. Shirley has since passed away.

Carroll: So, the water today is a little more calm than it was?

Glenn: Oh boy, I tell you.

And like the water, Glenn has a good flow.

"I got a lot of patience with people," said Glenn.

Rebuilding his life and building for many.

"I enjoy every minute of it," said Glenn.

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