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Super Senior: Marjorie Leroux

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Tucked in the middle of town, the Swanton Teen Center is an oasis of activities for kids.

"So grandma has to come along with me," Marjorie Leroux said.

Grandma is Marjorie's cane, a constant sidekick outside, but inside, she has no need. The floor is level and so is Marjorie.

"I get disgusted when it snows too hard and we don't come," she said.

Five days a week she comes here to work, cleaning and serving food for the after-school program.

Reporter Joe Carroll: This is a big space!

Marjorie Leroux: Tell me about it!

It's a small paycheck but the rewards are big.

Joe Carroll: Coming to this place, is it what keeps you going?

Marjorie Leroux: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I do. I think it's good for anybody to work.

Working for Marjorie started young on her father's farm.

"We girls, the all four, were boys!" she said.

The girls did the farm work along with their dad. Decades later, Marjorie worked at a group home for mentally ill adults.

Marjorie Leroux: You know those people are awful nice people.

Joe Carroll: However, you had a very unpleasant experience.

Marjorie Leroux: I guess I did, I got the marks.

A resident thought Marjorie owned the group home and was going to sell it. He was angry that he would be homeless.

"I had two black eyes," Marjorie said. "They had to operate."

She feels no ill will toward the man who hurt her.

"But they changed his medicine and they say he's doing good," Marjorie said.

Her family, though, encouraged her to find another job. She did. Since then, she's had several stops along the way. She started at the center five years ago. Marjorie kept working through life's curve balls. She lost her husband and a son, both at just 54.

The teen center isn't just for teens. Today, fifth- and sixth-graders from Swanton Elementary School are here for fun and food.

"Hang up your jackets," Marjorie told them.

Joe Carroll: You're going to watch yourself on TV?

Marjorie Leroux: I have to because I watch your show every week.

Joe Carroll: Oh, you do. What do you think of it?

Marjorie Leroux: I like it, I think it's nice. Boy, some of those people are real old!

FYI-- Marjorie is 88.

"Do you want pasta?" Marjorie asked the children.

The meal is spaghetti and garlic bread. Sixth-grader Bridget LeClair is going to dish something out.

"My grandfather is probably younger than her and he's retired," Bridget said. "And I don't know a lot of old people who still work. No offense."

Marjorie says no offense taken; age is an attitude. No problem there.

"If it wasn't on camera, I'd poke you one," she told Joe with a laugh.

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