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Farmhouse Chocolates and Ice Cream

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It's a simple story. Boy makes chocolate, boy meets girl, boy and girl start a full time chocolate business.

"Chocolate is a pretty powerful thing and we're just the middle men," said Eliza La Rocca. 

Erlé LaBounty and Eliza are co-owners of Farmhouse Chocolates and Ice Cream. They recently took the company out of Erle's kitchen and into this facility in Bristol.

"When we moved in here we thought, 'oh my gosh.' We're going to have so much space, but we've already filled it," said Eliza.

"I always fantasized about having a bakery. That was before I started making chocolates," said Erlé .

"Not only is our chocolate organic, it's also soy lecithin free," said Erlé. 

Erle started making chocolates at 16, growing up on his grandfather's dairy farm in rural Vermont without electricity. 

You could say there was electricity in the air several years ago when Erlé was making a truffle delivery to an Italian restaurant in Woodstock. A certain waitress caught his eye. 

"Apparently I was staring at her as I was eating my pizza," said Erlé. "Yeah you were staring." 

The two were engaged just four months later.

"We just always felt like we knew each other which is really weird, because we have really different backgrounds," said Eliza. 

Eliza worked on vineyards in Italy and France, but Like Erle, she too had an obsession growing up. Ice cream.

"It is my favorite. I'm around it all the time now," said Eliza.

it is a slow time of year fir ice cream making, but when it's being produced it's made right here, using local and organic products from scratch. 

"Ice cream and chocolate seemed like a good bet to make an income year around," said Eliza. 

Like tempering chocolate the two have their business model down to a science.

"I just play with the chocolate," said Erlé. 

"I took on all the things that Erle didn't want to do," said Eliza.

"It's very satisfying and it helps me get up in the morning for sure knowing that our products are out there," said Erlé. 

They are two sweethearts in the business of making sweets for others. 

"We'll never be rid of each other. We'll be around each other all the time," said Eliza.

It's a lovely tale for any time of year.

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