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Master Alexander's Base Cover

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A martial arts master is making training safer for students, and his Made in Vermont invention will encourage kids to keep coming back to his studio.

Since 2005, Master Huzon Alexander had been kicking around an idea.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: Over 12 years you were thinking to yourself.

Huzon Alexander: Somebody's going to take it, yeah.

Younger students at his Martial Arts Center were hitting a roadblock by smacking their feet against a hard plastic base on the free standing bag. "If that student kicks that base and splits that toe, they're done for the day. They're not going to try it again," Alexander said. While it's not a bad way to teach technique, it's not good for business. "I had students in my school that did not come back after lifting a toenail on their toe after hitting one of these bases."

His idea -- a safety pad to go over the top of the base. "This slides perfectly over the top just like that," Alexander said. "You don't have to worry about any toe or shin injuries."

Master Alexander simply didn't have the funds to launch this product on his own, so a few years ago he went right to the source, Century Martial Arts. "It went from a phone conference of being very good, to we would like to have one of the prototypes in one of our backrooms at our huge Las Vegas supershow," Alexander said. "To be in that atmosphere and then to have my product be a piece to that atmosphere was really cool."

After a roll of the dice in Vegas, Master Alexander's pad was a hit.  It's in Cenury's catalogs this month. "To get the box here and bring it into my own dojo and to use it in class and see the  kids and the adults kicking at the base, every once and a while see one slide by, might have saved one there.  It was very, very exciting," Alexander said.

Master Huzon Alexander's invention, 12 years in the making, making it safer for young martial artists. Ain't that a kick? 

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