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Super Seniors: John and Sally Kubin

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On an unusually warm winter day, Sally and John Kubin enjoy a stroll on their 250 acres of land in Benson.

"Look what those moles have done," said Sally. 

Along with their dog Ruby. they are going to a barn where John spends some of his down time.

"You see this is the thing I worry about, it's splitting the wood," said Sally.

John, who's 92, hasn't slowed down even after a tractor accident. 

"Probably not too bright at times," said John. 

More on that in a bit, but first some history.

"Growing up on the farm was, I guess everything, I loved it," said John.

John was born in the same house the couple lives in now. He was an only child on a small dairy farm.  John was a good student who went on to the University of Vermont. While still in school, he got called up from the reserves in 1943 and went off to war. John never saw combat, just the after-effects. He was put in the medical corps and treated the wounded. After the war, he went back to UVM but he had a wild side. The dean said it was time to go see the world-- in a sense, booting him from the college.

John didn't go far, becoming a lumberjack in the Adirondacks. That's where he met Sally working in a hotel.

"He had a lot of personality. He was a character and I never met anyone like him before," said Sally.

"And we were married just about a year later," said John.

Sally was a teacher and John went back to finish his degree and spent most of his career as a pharmaceutical salesman. They raised three kids and have been married for 66 years.

Sally: We just seemed to be...

John: Compatible.

Sally: Compatible, I just think there's nobody else I can imagine being married to. I just, I just, you call it love.

The tractor was a test. Six years ago, it nearly killed John and changed Sally's attitude toward their marriage.

John: (Shutting off the tractor) That's my nemesis.

Sally: But you can imagine that big tire running over him.

He was standing and turned on the tractor in gear.

Sally: All of a sudden he was on the ground and then we realized. 

John had a fractured pelvis and broken ribs. He spent almost four months in the hospital and a nursing home recovering.

Sally: I, all of sudden, became much more independent.  

John: She found out that she could get along without me!  

Sally: And assertive. He noticed the change.  

Reporter Joe Carroll: How did he deal with that?  

Sally: He didn't, he didn't like that.

Joe Carroll: She said you had a hard time adjusting, is that true?  

John: I guess I did!

Sally, who was in her 80s, found strength she never knew she had. John has now accepted Sally's more assertive side. They have lived at the old homestead full time since 1990, spending much of their time volunteering in the community.

Joe Carroll: You kind of come full circle haven't you?  

John: Yeah, I got ahh, we hope we still have a little more of the circle left.

It's a journey that proves you can go home again.

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