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Cutting gardens

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This garden is a riot of color because it's a cutting garden. The whole idea is to put a lot of plants in a small space so you can cut them and bring them indoors to make beautiful bouquets.

This is a great example of how to use annuals, perennials and some bulbs as cut flowers. So everything from those big gaudy dahlias which, of course, you have to take in in the winter, but they are a nice cut flower, to some real traditional flowers such as marigolds and rudbeckias, especially the hybridized rudbeckias, with those big daisy-like flowers.

The zinnias are gorgeous, too. They are nice big flowers and you can see they actually have string around them and keep them staked up. That's really key with cut flowers because if you let them flop over they'll get really crooked stems. They just had a big storm and they held up well. They have nice straight stems, so when you cut them, they'll sit nicely in the vase. Another key with zinnias and any of these flowers is not to wait until they're in their full glory to cut them. Pick them a little bit on the immature side so they finish opening up indoors. That way they'll last longer, too.

They've got some unusual things in here also. Gomphrena has pink and yellow flowers and are a nice cut flower. They are ones you can dry really well, too. Cut them and they'll keep their color even as dried flowers, similar to Status, which is another flower in this garden.

They have some outrageous, unusual flowers like cocks comb which is a celosia. That's a strange one with bright red flowers. They look really nice as a cut flower and an unusual one in the garden, too.

When you are growing cut flowers, use a nice assortment of annuals, perennials, bulbs, biennials, pack them in. Put them somewhere where you aren't going to see them so you can cut them and not feel so bad. And just keep cutting, because the more you cut, the more you'll get.

~By Charlie Nardozzi

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