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Siskel & Ebert ... & Duncan

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Wednesday, March 15th

The UVM men's basketball team arrived in Milwaukee for the NCAA Tournament a little sooner than planned because of the storm.  They might have a little more down time, which means maybe the guys will take in a movie or two.  When it comes to movie's there's one guy on the Catamounts that loves to share his theater thoughts.

When it comes to game time, Ernie Duncan is always looking for a top performance from himself and his teammates.  But off the court, Duncan is looking for top performances too.

"One person tweeted at me the other day saying I hope you're majoring in film, because you have a future in this," says Duncan.

Duncan has been reviewing movies on his twitter page using the hashtag theater thoughts.

"I started out with a movie that everybody wanted to see and I thought I might as well tweet out a review to let everyone know. It kind of just went from there."
His rating system is based on a scale of 1 to 10 and yes, there are decimial points.

"If it's below a 7, it's a movie you don't go see. If it's above a 7 you know you can go see it in a theater, spend the extra money on it.  If it's like an 8, must go see of course 9 go see."

Teammate Cam Ward has been to the movies with Duncan and swears by his reviews.

"Once you saw the movie and you look at it and you think year, I could agree with that then it got to a point where everytime I was going to see a movie I would text him and say hey what do you think about this movie?" says Ward.

But it's Duncan's girlfriend and UVM women's basketball player, Katie Lavelle, that's Duncan's movie date and editor of his twitter reviews.

"He'll show me and kind of get my opinion on the movie.  We mostly agree," says Lavelle. 

One movie they agree on being the worst they've ever seen was 50 Shades of Gray.

"That was my fault," said Lavelle.  "I wanted to see it and I got to pick the movie for that time, so it was really bad."

".5 out of 10, it was absolutely terrible," said Duncan.

Not everyone on the Cats is a fan. Trae Bell-Haynes for example.  When the team was stuck in Washington D.C. earlier this season Duncan sent out a review of John Wick 2.

 "I tweeted it out in the middle of the airport and Trae immediately attacked me saying why is this a 7.7 why are you saying this?  This is not right," said Duncan.

So while the Catamounts look to defy the critics on Thursday night by beating their competition, movie critics need to look out, they've got some competition.

"One person tweeted at me saying oh I was going to see this movie tonight, thank you for reviewing it and that's why I'm not going to go see it.  If I can help people save money, why not?"

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