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Super Senior: Marcia Souter

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BARRE, Vt. -

In the day to day operation of Spaulding High School in Barre, nothing or nobody gets past Marcia Souter.

"OK, let me see where he is," said Marcia. "He's on his way."

Since 1975, she's made sure students in Barre are where they supposed to be. If not, expect to get a ring from Marcia.

"Hi, this is Spaulding High School. Brandon isn't here this morning. Is he sick?" said Marcia.

She's the enforcer with a heart of gold. Just ask the kids.

"She is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met, every day when I talk to her she always has a smile on her face," said Alexandrea Holland, senior.

"She treats everyone like they are deserved, she treats everyone like they matter. No matter who you are, she's always so welcoming, so warm," said Parker Nolan, senior.

"Why do I think Maria is a Super Senior? She's very outgoing, she loves her job and enjoys doing it with a smile on her face every day," said Brittany Laskowski, senior.

"I just call her a super person, don't even call her a senior to be honest, she acts just like a kid," said Julia Arguim, junior. 

The kid will be 76 this April. The students nominated Marcia to be a Super Senior.

Reporter Joe Carroll: The things they said about you!  

Marcia: Are they bad? Am I a bad girl?

Marcia is a hometown girl who went to the original Spaulding just up the road. She left Barre for Boston and that's where she fell in love with Jim.

"We had an 8 o'clock wedding, all candles," said Marcia.

Marcia said Boston wasn't a place to raise kids and she came home.

"We adopted two children. I'm also adopted, so we have a very special bond," said Marcia.

Marcia is an optimist, rarely down. Some of her senior friends wonder how she can deal with "kids today."

"I know they do, they all look at me like I lost my marbles. 'Cause I want to work here and I think it's great," said Marcia.

Gail Cooper is a co-worker and good friend. She knows some of these students come from broken homes. Having Marcia as the first face they see walking in the school is just what they need.

"Having them come in and having her smile at them every day I think does help a lot of them, you know," said Cooper.

Carroll: It's kind of quiet now. It doesn't stay that way, huh?  

Marcia says as long as she's healthy she will stay at the school.

Marcia: Oh no, when that bell rings you don't want to be standing here.

Marcia figures she knows more than half of the 700 students by their first name. She says all of them are special.

"These kids are wonderful, there are very few of them that are not superb," said Marcia. 

Seeing the big picture on high school students all from her own window on the world.

Carroll: Really nothing happens without you seeing it.

Marcia: Isn't that wonderful!  Hi, you need to get in?  OK.

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