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Super Senior: Ed Pospisil

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"Oh, boy! I get the police, I get everything," Ed Pospisil said.

Ed is very much a persuader, convincing his wife, Joi, to have the police and fire scanner on 24/7.

"It's annoying at times, yeah," Ed admitted. "It gets static."

"All the time!" Joi said.

Ed also swayed Joi to move from Connecticut to a rundown farmhouse in Corinth.

"No way am I going to live in this house. No way!" she said.

The house was a wreck with animals living inside. It was a couple's project, taking four years to get it back to its former glory. Once Ed was done, the retired firefighter had nothing else to do.

"I knew he was missing it," Joi said. "That's his life, in his blood. It's not-- it was never a job for him. Ever."

Ed, the most decorated firefighter in the history of Hartford, Connecticut, started to visit friends at his former firehouse regularly. He missed his calling. Ed has fire in his blood, going back to his youth in New York City.

"The only thing I did was hang out at the firehouse and it never left me," he said.

The firemen would even help Ed with his homework before sending him home. It was only natural he would want to be a firefighter.

"So, my family calls him the humble hero," Joi said. "His stories are incredible."

Like the tragic 23rd Street fire in New York City 50 years ago. Ed was there.

"One of the firefighters Ladder 12 yelled, 'Patrol, get out! There is some cracking on!'" Ed recalled.

He barely got out; 12 firefighters didn't. It was one of the many times on the job Ed escaped death. He was forced to retire because of age.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So, you think you could still do this?

Ed Pospisil: Oh, I definitely could.

Joe Carroll: Your 75 years old.

Ed Pospisil: I don't care, I know I could definitely do it.

It took a while for the no-nonsense New Yorker to be accepted in Orange County, Vermont. The volunteer firefighters in Corinth eventually approached Ed. They offered him the position of safety officer. After the meeting, Ed walked out the chief. Ed took on his new responsibility like everything he does-- fully in charge.

The fire station in East Corinth is a stark contrast to what Ed was used to.

"We have no water, no bathroom, no nothing," he said.

But it does have one thing: a new fire truck, or at least new to them. Ed's power of persuasion continues.

"We got this one last year and it only has 22,000 miles on it," he said.

Ed got it from his fire friends in Connecticut.

Joe Carroll: You proud of this department?

Ed Pospisil: Oh, yeah. I'm proud of the men and women here. I really, really respect them.

The fire truck isn't the only thing he's brought back to Vermont.

Ed Pospisil: These are breathing apparatus.

Joe Carroll: Where did they come from?

Ed Pospisil: These came from Lisbon, Connecticut.

Joe Carroll: You're not getting paid for this?

Ed Pospisil: No, I'm not getting paid at all.

He has given out hundreds of thousands of dollars in used equipment to fire departments in the area, all coming from wealthier towns in Connecticut.

Joe Carroll: What's the catch here?

Ed Pospisil: There is no catch. I love what I do.

A passion for all things fire that can't be extinguished.

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