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Adding an Asian feel to your landscape

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You know what I really love about this garden, is it has a little bit of an Asian flair but it's not cliche. It's not in your face. Yes, that's what's great about Innisfree Gardens, in Millbrook, New York. This garden has been designed in a way that accentuates nature. There are little vignettes you can enjoy. And I love the way they create that Asian feel using natural materials.

So for example, they'll plant some shrubs but they have these weeping trees like those weeping spruce and tamaracks that just look like they are cascading over the landscape. Really kind of an Asian feel, but it looks like it belongs, as well.

And then they take stones, just simple stones and prop them up. It's something you can do in your own landscape. By propping a stone up and making it more vertical it really seems to lend a different feel to the landscape than if it's all just bunch of flat horizontal stones.

There are, of course, the water features. There's this oxbow stream area and there are the fountains. There are beautiful fountains that  have a nice sound that really adds a little atmosphere to the garden. Very peaceful.

So when you are taking a look at your landscape and you want to create this kind of a feel, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money, to move earth or bring a lot of materials and plants in. You can use what you have and accentuate and personalize it at the same time. And when you do it this way, it really works and still looks appropriate for where we live in the Northeast. You aren't trying to superimpose a whole garden design on an area where it doesn't belong. This one feels like it’s in the right place.

~by Charlie Nardozzi

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