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Duck Decoys

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If you're on the hunt for duck decoys, there's a man in Franklin County that you can call.

When Eddie Gagne begins work on a new Duck Decoy, he migrates to the basement of his Enosburg Falls home.

"It's peaceful. When you're getting in here and you're shaving something down, out of something, kind of ugly, this hunk of thing is fairly ugly, then you turn it into something like that," said Gagne.

Growing up hunting on his parent's farm in Highgate, Gagne took a liking to drawing ducks as a kid. In 8th grade, after blowing out his ACL in gym class, Gagne took his drawings to another dimension.

He bought duck carving kits from Minnesota.

"Then I purchased a ban saw so I could do my own stuff and it's just kind of cascaded from there," said Gagne.

Gagne's hobby has taken off into a small business.

"I'll draw where I want my tail to be in here. i like to work side to side too, to keep in symmetrical," said Gagne.

About a dozen hunters buy from him regularly.

He's also sold some to taxidermists, sporting good stories and collectors.

"When you catch them in the light, the colors just seem to pop," said Brett Patnaude. 

Several of Gagne's work line the back wall of Patnaude's man cave in Colchester.

"I was just blown away by his attention to detail in the decoys and how, essentially he's got a block of wood and the finished product is as you see here, these amazing duck decoys," said Patnaude.

"This has got some great photos of some stuff here," said Gagne.

It's a process that begins by studying books

"These are also my favorite, these little green-winged teals, they're tiny, really fast flyers," said Gagne. 

And after the carving downstairs is done, then comes the painting. 

"So we're doing flanks and breast feathers with this color," Gagne said. "You become a scientist of the tradition of the species and the things that you're trying to duplicate. This is another hunting decoy I'm making for a guy, I think he's in New Jersey." 

Hard work and effort has humans flocking to Gagne.

"It's the birds. They're the ultimate judge," said Gagne.

His hobby of making duck decoys, is the real deal.

"This is where it finally comes together," said Gagne.

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