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Super Senior: Ann D'Anna

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At the Billings Farm in Woodstock, Ann D'Anna keeps a watchful eye on the visitors while knitting. The tiny sweaters are not for her grandchildren, but a 6-week-old close by.

"And I said to my daughter, 'I got a new job, I'm going to knit sweaters for the lambs at the farm.' I said I would use my old acrylic. She said, 'Mother, you can't put acrylic on a lamb,'" said Ann.

She's made 12 of them so far.

"I don't think most people put sweaters on lambs," said Ann.

To say Ann has a unique way of taking care of animals would be an understatement.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You like your animals huh?  

Ann: I do. I do.

Ann and her husband, Joe, have 22 acres of land in nearby Brownsville.

The couple have a mini-mare and a pen full of chickens.

"This is Ruthie and Rosie," said Ann.

There's also, Wanda, Garbo and Stupid Brenda.  

"She flew and hit the fence post and went ploof, almost killed herself," said Ann.

Carroll: Every day an adventure here?  

Ann: Oh, yeah.

Ann, 85, and Joe, 89, share the land with their animals. They share their house with Goldie.

"I'll go get Goldie," said Ann. 

Goldie is a 4-year-old Golden Comet chicken. If that wasn't unusual enough, Goldie's bestie is Louis the cat.

"Goldie, such a good girl," said Ann.

Carroll: A lot of people think you're a little odd with this?  

Ann: Very.

Carroll: You care? 

Ann: No, not at all.

Goldie became sick last year. Her feet became infected and she couldn't walk. Ann and Joe nursed her back to good health.

"But her feet are beautiful now," said Ann. 

Birds of a feather might flock together, but they can also be vicious. The other chickens were attacking Goldie when she couldn't walk.

Carroll: Whose idea was it to bring the chicken inside? 

Joe D'Anna: The chicken inside? I don't know, was it you? 

Ann: It wasn't you! 

Joe D'Anna: It wasn't me!

The couple met in dental school in Pennsylvania and honeymooned in Vermont. They moved to Connecticut, but their hearts remained in the Green Mountains. After retirement, they settled here. This year, Ann and Joe will have been married for 65 years.

Carroll: How would you describe yourself?  

Ann: Oh, I don't know, unusual.

Joe D'Anna: Oh, Goldie, cleaning up messes on the carpet.

Ann: That's not very nice, you know! 

Fair to say Ann's taking the term free-range chicken to a new level.

Joe D'Anna: We got three piles of chicken manure.

Carroll: Does Louis get jealous at all?  

Ann: I think he does, I think he might get jealous, he doesn't like all the attention. Goldie's getting all the attention.

Carroll: Better not leave them alone, there might be just feathers in the house. 

Ann: I don't think so, he's a gentle soul.

Now that Goldie is on the mend, Ann plans to introduce her back into the pen. She hopes the others will accept her.

"People enjoy seeing it, it's novel, put it that way," said Ann.

A love of animals that has no boundaries.

"You want to sit with Louis?" asked Ann.

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