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Balloon flowers

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These flowers are fun, they are called balloon flowers! You would never guess right? The botanical name is Platycodon, and it's really fun how they form. You can see from this stem that they start as little buds and then turn into little balloons. They get bigger and bigger and eventually look like a hot air balloon that eventually opens up to a beautiful flower. It could be white, pink, blue or purple like this one.

These are great midsummer perennial flowers, so if you are looking for something to add some color in July and early August, balloon flowers are a good one.

The other thing I really like about balloon flowers is they're a clumping perennial. They're not like bee balm or some of the other perennials that will spread all over the place. They stay relatively well behaved and easy to control.

In fact, they might even flop over like these did here, probably from a storm that recently blew through. But you can just cage them up a little bit if that is a problem. Also, if they get this big, you can divide them. In the spring, you can come through and make two or four plants out of a big plant like this, and have more balloon flowers in the garden.

It's well-behaved and it's a beautiful color so the bees you can see it, too. And it's a pretty low maintenance plant that doesn't have a lot of disease or insect problems. So for something in midsummer, balloon flowers might be just the ticket.

~By Charlie Nardozzi

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