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It's tough enough for college students to get through finals much less doing it while running a business. Two University of Vermont Juniors have jobs finding jobs for their peers, and their website is Made in Vermont. 

Champlain College Sophomore Alex Sabatell just finished shooting a video for the Vermont Small Business Development Center. "I visited five clients across the state of Vermont and had an opportunity to network, to meet with others," Sabatell said.

It's just one in a series of freelance jobs he found through a website created by college students just down the road from Champlain.

"We figured out that there's this huge robust tech scene," said Max Robbins, who along with Peter Silverman, created BeaconVT.com.  It's designed to give college students a chance to find short term opportunities in smaller Vermont companies.

"If I'm a college freshman and I want to know what it's like to work in a journalism company, or I just want to be able to shadow someone, there really isn't a platform for that right now," Silverman said. "I thought it wouldn't get this far. I'm going to be real with you -- the idea just came sophomore year first semester."

After eight months they hooked up about a dozen students with 30 jobs, then Peter and Max won the annual Business competition at UVM. "We ended up doing something a lot more, making a greater impact," Silverman said.

"So if Peter wants to apply for this job, he can attach his profile to this, writing a cover letter, adding his resume and sending the application," Robbins said.

The website is free for students. Money comes from the businesses that post the openings.

"This is a good way for showing that there's a ton of different opportunities for students, flexible projects or internships, or they can get involved locally and find something that they can actually stay here after college," Robbins said.

Case in point -- New Jersey-native Alex Sabatell. "I can see myself staying in Vermont if I continue to get work, if I continue to progress as a professional," Sabatell said.

His video production career is on the right path, and BeaconVT is guiding the way.  

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