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Getting away with murder: Who killed Kenny Jerome?

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Kenny Jerome Kenny Jerome

Twelve years after Kenny Jerome was shot dead, the family of the Franklin County farm hand is still searching for answers, and for justice. 

A single shot -- a deadly bullet to the chest. "It looks like it was a very targeted act," said Vermont State Police Capt. J.P. Sinclair, who heads up Vermont's Major Crimes Unit. 

"We knew we were dealing with somebody who knew what they were doing," said Brian Miller, a former Vermont State Police Lieutenant who was the lead investigator on the case.

That somebody who killed Kenny Jerome 12 years ago is still out there -- still free. "It looked a little more sophisticated than others as far as the location of where the shot came from," Miller said.

It came from a rocky ledge a couple hundred feet away. Kenny Jerome was feeding calves with a tractor at the Magnan Farm in Sheldon when the fatal shot was fired. "It's raised up and has some cover. It's a perfect shot location for what happened," Miller said.

Miller said evidence suggests the killer knew when the 33 year-old would we working, and waited to take the shot. His chores as a farm hand are set and had a routine, so it definitely was planned," he said.

But by who? And why? Two questions investigators still haven't answered.  

Reporter Darren Perron: What is the missing piece of evidence that would finally crack this case? 

Brian Miller: Somebody knows. Somebody knows, and there has to be more than one person involved.

Detectives questioned dozens of people and gathered some evidence at the scene. "But unfortunately it hasn't risen to the level to bring a charge," Capt. Sinclair said.

They're mum on specifics, but we do know they searched a neighbor's property. There was bad blood between Jerome and members of the Harness family. They've denied involvement.  

Reporter Darren Perron: Will this person get away with murder? 

Capt. J.P. Sinclair: I certainly hope not.

Major Crimes Unit investigators still work the Jerome case, still pour over evidence, and are still optimistic they'll catch the killer.  But with no murder weapon and time moving on, what they need is a break. They need someone to finally talk or clear their conscience. "Sometimes it helps as time goes by," Capt. Sinclair said. "Their alignments and loyalties change and now they do wanna tell you what they know... it may seem insignificant to the person who holds that information, but it's massively relevant to us."

Captain Sinclair won't reveal what the missing piece of information is -- what could finally bring a charge, or if there's a suspect they're still eyeing. 

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