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Are speeders endangering students in a Rutland neighborhood?

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Every day, Chantel Lafond can be found walking in her neighborhood just north of downtown Rutland.

"There are always children and families walking," she said.

But something keeps Lafond on her toes and it isn't other pedestrians, it's passing motorists.

"You have to watch yourself constantly," Lafond said. "As soon as they come up on the stop sign, they're stopping abruptly and then seeing how fast they can get to the next stop sign."

Located on the corner of that intersection, sits the Rutland Intermediate School. Assistant Superintendent Rob Bliss says drivers might speed past the school to catch the green light on Library Avenue. They work hard to keep the kids safe.

"During the time we have kids entering and exiting the school, we man each corner with a crossing guard," Bliss said.

Lafond has two grandsons at the school and says even with crossing guards, drivers can be careless.

"It worries me," she said.

After receiving a complaint from a resident who lives on Kendall Avenue, the Rutland City Police Department decided they wanted to find out for themselves how fast and how often drivers speed in the area.

A radar device was placed on Church Street Tuesday.

"It's a speed cart," Rutland City Police Commander Matthew Prouty said.

It does more than just tell drivers how fast they're going. The speed and time of day of each car passing by is captured and stored on a retrievable device that authorities can look at later.

"We are using that to get a good idea of what the traffic condition looks like day to day," Prouty explained.

"Something needs to happen to keep the children safe," Lafond said.

Police plan to rotate the radar sign around streets near the school. In about a week, they will start to examine the data they've collected. They also plan to improve signage in the area.

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