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Was the strong storm in Addison County a tornado?

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As the cleanup continues across Addison County, some are left wondering what kind of storm was fueling all the damage. Neighbors say they've seen nothing like it before, as siding was ripped right off their homes and cars were crunched. Many were convinced it was a tornado, so we took that question to the National Weather Service. 

The smashed windows and shards of glass say it all. 

"Over the great giant mountain I see the weather, so I saw this big white shield of rain coming and I looked out, my sliding glass doors and then it hit hard," said Elizabeth Armstrong. 

That's when Armstrong went running for cover. 

"The leaves were coming so bad and the hail hitting the glass so hard I ran for the bathroom," said Armstrong.

Thursday's storm was unlike anything she has seen in her 70 years on Potash Bay. 

"I knew it was a tornado," said Armstrong. 

And it sure looked like it to neighbors down the street where the winds ripped a camp right off its foundation. Roads looked like toppled forests and power lines unraveled in the streets.

"It's a lot of damage for out here, there's wind coming off the lake but not like this," said Mary Hutchins-Berry, Armstrong's daughter. 

So we went to the National Weather Service looking for answers.

"We're here to look at the damage, see how the community is doing and just get a feel for how that storm evolved," said Scott Whittier, NWS. 

Whittier says wind speeds there were at least 80 mph. His team is looking for signs of straight line winds, a microburst or possible weak tornado. 

"Severe thunderstorms, they do not have to be tornadic to cause this type of damage, they can be straight line winds or of 80 miles an hour to easily do some damage," said Whittier.

Tornado or not, folks here are glad the storm is over and ready to pick up the mess Mother Nature left behind. 

"It's a little bit shattered, the west side. I'm sure my insurance company will cover everything, the hell has really done a number," said Armstrong.

Late Friday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a report that the damage we saw in Addison County was caused by a microburst with top winds hitting 100 mph. 

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