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Planting strawberries

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This strawberry bed is in transition. The old bed is about 4 or 5 years old and really it didn't perform very well last year. You can see it has kind of spotty growth, so it was time to start a new bed. And that's what we have right in front of us here. This are two new beds that I'm going to plant, or you're going to plant for us!

All right!

First of all, for strawberries, there are two different kinds. You can get June bearing strawberries that produce lots of runners. That's what we have here. This variety is "Sparkle." The other one is "Jewel," and there are a lot of other varieties. The other option is day neutral varieties. Those produce all season long and don't have as many runners, but they don't last as long as June bearers. I'm going with the longer-term ones. I like these better and they'll fill out into a nice bed.

When you buy strawberries, you can order them through the mail like these here. They come bare root and you can see the beautiful root system. They may not look good at the top, but the bottom looks good. Or you can go to a garden center and they'll have buckets of them ready for you to grow.

We're going to plant a two, one, two matted row system. All the plants will be about 1-foot apart. I'm going to show you how deep to plant in a minute. We soaked our little strawberry for about an hour in water. Next, plant deep enough so that the crown is right at the soil line. You don't want to have it up too high or down too low. You want to plant the strawberries just at the soil line and then just tuck it in. That way it will grow really well.

You just go right down the row, doing this two, one, two system with these little strawberries. These little guys may not look like much, but they will actually grow really well, and they may flower this year. But the first year you should pinch off all of the flowers and let them get really established and next year you get the big crop.

~by Charlie Nardozzi

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