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Vermont Beekeeping Supply

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A Williamstown woman is experiencing sweet success with her Made in Vermont business. 

What's all the buzz about at Vermont Beekeeping Supply? I found out the answer, here in Sheri Englert's backyard. "They'll tell you.  You just have to listen," Englert advised.

Her father was a beekeeper. After he had passed, She bought his home with an empty hive in the back. "I came home from work one day and my mother said there were bees in the box," Englert said.

With no experience, She took care of those bees.  That hive lasted 13 years. "I believe he sent me that swarm, and when I'm alone and I'm beekeeping.  I can feel him.  He's right there," she said.

Englert's business includes selling the proper equipment, teaching beekeeping through paid workshops, and giving around-the-clock advice.

"They helped me get started last year and Sheri answered so many questions.  I didn't know anything when I came out here, so it's been great.  She's provided me with all of my frames," said Ellen Cheney, one of Englert's customers.

"This is wax foundation that you put into frames, and the bees build on this,"  Englert explained. "You're constantly learning and constantly evolving and you pass that on.  That's how we teach."

Beekeeping is Englert's passion. "The honey is a thank you," she said.

She makes and sells bees wax candles, jellies and jams. "It's wonderful, and it's just a natural evolution to carry on that way," she said. "I'm just settling into my zen mode, so I'm not talking much."

Englert's company lets anyone in looking to work alongside some busy bees. "It's just nice to go down and open up a hive and take out a frame and realize that this is a whole realm," she said. "It's whole different world.  It's alien, but they're letting you in."

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