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Godfrey Sentenced for Scoville Murder

Howard Godfrey Howard Godfrey
Ann & David Scoville Ann & David Scoville
Patty Scoville Patty Scoville

Hyde Park, Vermont - May 23, 2008

Howard Godfrey smiled as he awaited sentencing for the rape and murder of Patty Scoville seventeen years ago in Stowe.

The crime was unsolved for over 13 years, until DNA evidence led to Godfrey's arrest.

Patty Scoville's parents helped create the DNA databank that caught their daughter's killer.

Friday, they finally had their say.

"The question I have for you for Mr. Godfrey is why?" asked Patty's mother, Ann Scoville. "I would wish Mr. Godfrey the same fate. That every day for the rest of his life as he wakes, goes through his daily prison routine and again before sleep, that he remembers the anguish of this mother and ask himself why?"

Patty's father, David, said, "I had not been able to do what Dads are supposed to do when their daughters hurt-- protect and provide comfort. I relived, usually in my worst imagination, her last horrifying undoubtedly fear-filled final moments. At what point did she realize what was happening to her?"

Patty Scoville's anguished parents would get no answers. Godfrey declined comment. He showed no emotion as he received the sentence that sends him to jail forever.

"The crime of rape and murder is indeed the worst possible nightmare any parents could face. I sentence you to imprisonment in the custody of the commissioner of corrections for the remainder of your natural life without any possibility of parole," said Vt. District Court Judge Dennis Pearson.

Despite the barbarity of Godfrey's crime, the Scovilles were not seeking eye for an eye revenge.

"No I don't believe that putting someone to death is an answer to murder," said Ann Scoville.

"The criminal still has a set of parents somewhere. And I wouldn't want any child of mine put to death," agreed David Scoville.

While Godfrey did not speak, his lawyer told the judge that Godfrey still maintains his innocence. As a matter of law, his conviction will automatically be appealed to the Vermont Supreme Court.

Brian Joyce - WCAX News

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