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Spotlight on Sports: Bocce Women

Tuesday, July 15th

RUTLAND -- On Grove street between downtown and the Rutland Country Club, is the age old gathering place for many a Rutland social event, the Italian American Club.

This year marks their first season of a women's league. Dave Cioffi is Commissioner and for him, no detail is too small. He rakes the courts, take the pictures, settle disputes and there are some when you have 70 women and 7 teams.

"We had 2 men's leagues last year, Monday and Tuesday night.", says Cioffi. "We thought, well we have a free night on Thursdays and a lot of women were asking hey why can't we play and I said you know it would be great if we could get them in here too."

If you're not familiar with the game, the basics are pretty simple.

"Throw the big ball close to the little ball. That's the short version.", says Cioffi.

Ladies Night out is not just an event, it's the name of a team. A women's bocce team that Betsy Jesser plays on. It's her first forray into bocce.

"My dad played my brothers played I never knew the game. Watched it played it a little bit with the in-laws normally but nothing major but this is been a real this has been awesome.", says Jesser.

On the other hand you have Antonetta Tedesco. Of Italian heritage, a long way back. She's from the old country and has roots in the game.

"I learned this game when I was in Italy and I came to United States 47 years ago.That's the first time I've been playing on a team.", says Tedesco.

Of course this is all social, a fun thing to do on a thursday night. Nothing too serious, but there are moments.

"It gets very competitive.", says bocce player Ingrid Gallo. "I actually went home mad last week because we lost both matches so yes, it gets very competitive."

--- J.J. Cioffi

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