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Snow Rollers

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Some of you reported seeing snow rollers from a few different locations across Vermont! Thousands are in the Mad River Valley, there are more in Craftsbury, and in St. Albans as well! I'm sure others of you saw them too, and they are spectacular! 

Allon Wildgust took several photos on Saturday, while he was skiing at the Blueberry Lake Cross Country Center in Warren. These must have formed on Friday night, before the really cold air came in. Temperatures were still above freezing, and the snow was a little sticky, and then the winds picked up. He said there were thousands of them spread out over a number of fields.

Most of these were about 6-8" in diameter, and about 4" wide. But sometimes these snowrollers can be bigger than that. In some of these photos you can see the tracks made by them as they are rolling up, but the winds will sometimes cover the tracks making them hard to see.

We also got some photos from Nick Chaser, who found these snowrollers in Craftsbury. Again, ...a special phenomenon, which we don't get to see every day!

These are created by Mother Nature, and we do see this on occasion if the conditions are just right. You tend to find them in wide open spaces, on a slight slope, with some fresh fallen snow.

Sometimes when the temperature is just right, and the snow has just the right amount of stickiness to it, the wind will grab a slab of it, chunks of the snow begins to roll up on its self, and between the wind and the slope, it ends up looking like a rolled up sleeping bag.

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