MiVT: Pebble art

A St. Albans woman is creating rock solid artwork, and she has two young inspirations for her Made in Vermont pebble pieces.

Tuesday Weather Xtra

Gary has the latest Max Advantage forecast

Responding to trauma created by school threats

Eva McKend spoke with child psychiatrist Dr. David Rettew to discuss how our community can best respond to these frightening stories.

WCAX Investigates: A Complicated Case of Reasonable Doubt

Why an incident at the police academy three years ago now has a Vermont cop fighting to keep his job and court cases crumbling. Jennifer Costa investigates in "A Complicated Case of Reasonable Doubt."

MiVT: Jennifer Doig

A South Burlington stay-at-home mom created a second career as a voice-over artist.

Scott comments boost legislative gun control efforts

What Vermont officials consider a near-miss on a high school shooting is giving a boost to gun control efforts in the state Legislature.

BFA-Fairfax students sent home due to threat investigation

Students at BFA-Fairfax are being dismissed for the day at noon as the school and police investigate a threat.


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