How to run for office

Considering a run for office? The basics of running a campaign.

Tuesday morning weather xtra

Gary has a look at your full forecast

Responding to trauma created by school threats

Eva McKend spoke with child psychiatrist Dr. David Rettew to discuss how our community can best respond to these frightening stories.

MiVT: Jennifer Doig

A South Burlington stay-at-home mom created a second career as a voice-over artist.

3 Minute Wrap 2/20/18

Here are the top stories we are following this morning.

Polar bear videos reveal impact of melting Arctic sea ice

Scientists studying polar bears in the Arctic say climate change is having a bigger impact on the animals than first thought. Now, some amazing video caught on camera is helping researchers track every move the polar bears make.

How are North Country kids adjusting to universal pre-K?

Universal pre-K is now up and running in the North Country. So how are students and parents responding? Our Kelly O'Brien checked in to find out.


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