Study: Birth control pills raise breast cancer risk

A new study shows women who take the pill may increase their risk of breast cancer by up to 38 percent.

Tuesday morning weather xtra

Gary has a look at your full forecast

Expert analysis of the Trump-Putin meeting

Why a Norwich University professor who specializes in foreign policy says the meeting between President Trump and President Putin could be the start of something different.

MiVT: Imagination Asylum

You won't find Richard Dufresne's sci-fi action figures in a galaxy far, far away, but they are Made in Vermont.

UVM study details impact of Vermont GMO labeling law

Vermont's short-lived GMO labeling law may have actually helped people trust GMO foods more. That's according to new research out of the University of Vermont.

Burlington City Council considers support of safe injection sites

The Burlington City Council is considering support of safe injection sites in the Queen City.

Crisis hotline: who is answering your text messages?

Connor Cyrus explains who is answering your text on the crisis hotline.


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