WCAX Investigates: Email Bugs

It's not just for marketers anymore. A growing number of people are using technology that allows them to know exactly when and where you are when you open their email. Could someone you know be tracking you?

Saturday Evening Weather Xtra

The latest from the WCAX weekend weather team.

WCAX Investigates: Getting Away with Murder

Are Vermont police poised to solve a decades-old murder mystery? The cold case heats up as the trail leads investigators to a heartbroken family in New York. But will the killer still get away with murder? Darren Perron investigates.

Woman on the Rise: Vt. Senate Majority Leader Becca Balint

Vermont Senate Majority Leader Becca Balint has come a long way in her short political career.

Olympic pride in Lake Placid

Winterfest lets visitors experience a bit of the Olympic Games right here in New York.

National Governors' Assoc meets in DC

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott shares ideas with Governors from across the country.


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