A career set in stone

For over three decades, sculptor Gary Sassi has owned and operated Celestial Memorials in Barre City.

Thursday Morning Weather Xtra

Gary has a look at your full forecast

Who's watching the Vermont State Police?

The Vermont State Police may be watching you but who's watching them? An alarming report in Seven Days.

'Screwnomics': Does our economy work against women?

Meet a Vermont woman on a mission to expose what she describes as the damaging impact of a male-controlled world of money.

$45 thousand grant to upgrade safety issues at Rock Point

Connor Cyrus spoke with officials about how they are using thousands of dollars to create a safer space at Rock Point.

Remembering plane incident victim who grew up in Vermont

A routine flight turned deadly, when the engine of a plane exploded, killing 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan of New Mexico.


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