Former Gov. Dean says Vermont doing great job with COVID-19

Published: Jul. 14, 2020 at 6:53 PM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean says Vermont is doing a great job managing COVID-19 and he's proud of the state's bipartisan effort to tackle the crisis.

"This is not a Republican/Democratic issue. I think we'll do a good job. And I think the Legislature is doing a good job and they're working together and they're all listening to the experts. I'm a little biased because I trained with Mark Levine. I was a year ahead of him, at Mary Fletcher there doing my internship. And he was chief resident the year after I left. And he's terrific and everybody's working together, you know, um, you know, Mike Piecek-- all these number crunchers and everything. So I think they're in Vermont and the results show. And, and I think Scott is, is very cautious and careful. And if we want to have numbers that look like ours, as opposed to Florida is you need somebody who's cautious, careful, and thoughtful," Dean said. "I mean, you can't look, facts are facts. That's the one thing I, when I was here as governor, um, you know, you can be a Democrat or a Republican. There are no Democratic facts and there are no Republican facts. There are just facts. And people may not like the facts, but if you going to ignore them, you're going to get into trouble."

After serving as Vermont governor, Dean went on to run for president and chaired the Democratic National Committee.

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