Some Burlington companies working remotely in rented spaces

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 7:56 AM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Remote working is the norm now, but now there’s an alternative to setting up in your living room.

At BTV Works, people are kicking-off their work day in rented spaces out of the house.

“Especially during this time when people are craving connection, they are craving inspiration,” said Faith Schumacker, the manager of BTV Works.

Picking up traction in journals like Harvard Business Review and Business Insider, a New York environment is taking shape in Vermont.

“The concept of co-working is basically just to provide a space that fosters creativity and also community,” said Schumacker.

She believes co-working spaces are on the cutting edge of 21st century business. Schumacker says it works like a rental space. You decide how much you want to work there, get approved. and pay a fee for your time.

“I just think that’s what business should be about, it should be something like businesses helping one another and in that way inspiring one another and building each other up to exceed and excel,” said Schumacker.

As companies begin to get back up to speed, some are returning to businesses as usual and some are not. Some larger companies like Twitter have made the permanent option to switch to remote working because of the pandemic, leaving community work spaces as an alternative to being stuck at home.

“Yes, actually I have never seen so many inquiries as I have seen recently. We’re getting flooded with them. You know, ‘My Wi-Fi is not working from home’ or, ‘My kids are driving me crazy -- can I just come in for a week?‘” said Schumacker.

But not only is it good to offer new ways of working, local businesses, like Shannon Mitchell’s GameTheory, are seeing benefits.

“I think remote work is great, but I feel like -- but the difference of having somebody you can see face-to-face, you can just feel it, so I think the main thing is mental well being,” said Mitchell.

For her and her two person game design and development collective, it’s all about collaboration. “I love these surprise interactions and these connections that you could have never planned, but just walking by and hearing what people are up to and listening to what they care about makes such a difference,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell also says having that dedicated space to focus on work has made all the difference but it’s spending time with other people that gets her into the office.

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