MiVT: Stonehurst Quilting

Published: Jul. 27, 2020 at 2:54 PM EDT
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COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) - Staying home over the last few months forced many crafty folks to finally finish those projects collecting dust. One company has been taking people’s quilt tops and completing them into cozy comforts using computerized machines to get the job done.

When it comes to quilts, Dave Stone's got you covered -- it's been his life for the last six years after working in commercial construction. "I'm not getting any younger and I decided I wanted to have a career change," Stone said.

He first met his partner, Karen Ticehurst, in the first grade. She comes from a family of seamstresses, but didn't have the knack for sewing clothes like her relatives. "So I started making quilts," Ticehurst said.

The first step to making a quilt is putting together a top. Ticehurst had plenty of those, but what she didn’t have was an efficient way to complete the projects with stiching. “It just adds that extra element of design,” she said.

The couple invested in a long arm machine, so that they could finish the work. Thirty-five quilts later, they decided they could start a business.

"We are now very busy," Ticehurst said. Stonehurst Quilting now has two long arm machines, both run by Stone. When customers bring in their quilt tops, they can select from 300 digital patterns and the thread to be sewn into the fabric.

"Once he gets it set up and sized correctly, it can sew just by itself, but you want to stay close," Ticehurst said.

The quilts then go to Karen, who does the binding with a much smaller machine. Stonehurt also has batting available -- the layer of insulation between fabrics. Finally, a back is added and the quilt is finished.

"We try to do an extremely quality job on each and every quilt that comes through the door," Stone said.

They complete around 500 quilts a year. The business ships up and down the East Coast and out West as well. Stonehurst’s website lists the services, including fabric and thread choices offered. The price is based on the square-inch of the quilt, something you can also figure out on the website.

“There’s no real answer to what your business is going to look like. All I can say is, you’ve just got to keep trying,” Stone said.

Stone wanted a professional shift. Now, his job site’s a little calmer and he’s much closer to his co-worker. You could say Stonehurst Quilting scratches his stitch.

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