MiVT: ADI Displays

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 3:55 PM EDT
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ADI Displays in Springfield makes point-of-sale displays for Kraft-Heinz, Green Mountain Coffee and distilleries across the nation. Every step is done under one roof.

“We have an in-house team of designers, and we have an in-house product engineer. So, not only do we make the products here but we actually design the products here. We have people that do computer-generated renderings and then that moves along to the design phase and then it’s prototyped and everything is done right here in-house,” said Jim Stockwell, the president of ADI Displays.

Operations Manager Craig Ethier showed me around, detailing how everything is made. Once materials are cut, they’re screen printed using a larger than life printer before being bent into shape and assembled by hand.

“What it really takes, too, it takes a very steady hand. Because if you give the syringe too much pressure, you’re going to splurge out the glue. When the glue splurges out, the product is no longer good,” Ethier said.

Then it’s shipped out, all hand-fabricated.

But sometimes business needs to change. ADI Displays started out 25 years ago making small kitchen wares. Now, they’re onto point-of-sale displays, but they are evolving again. A large part of their clientele is bars and restaurants, but when the pandemic shuttered much of the restaurant industry, they had to adapt, too. And they started making PPE.

“We didn’t have to retool or anything. Basically the equipment we have is specifically designed for that type of product,” Stockwell said.

Stockwell says not only were they inadvertently ready to take over PPE manufacturing but they can do it at a low price.

“We’re the direct manufacturer and I think that gives us an advantage to be able to sell them at a very competitive price and I think that we could help a lot of retailers and school districts out if they wanted to source those products from us,” he said.

While point-of-sale displays can sell for hundreds, shields go for around $50, a small price to pay for employee safety.

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