Campaign Countdown: Race for Plattsburgh mayor

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 5:56 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 15, 2020 at 7:01 PM EDT
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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) - In the race for Plattsburgh mayor, current Mayor Colin Read lost in the primary and will not be on the ballot.

Our Kelly O’Brien spoke with Republican candidate Scott Beebie and Democratic candidate Chris Rosenquest to find out their visions for the Lake City, which have some similarities.

“The best part is meeting incredible people,” Beebie said.

Republican candidate and former Plattsburgh Police lieutenant Scott Beebie says the pandemic threw a wrench in is his campaign plans but he has been able to talk with voters via porch parties hosted in neighborhoods that ask.

“That’s been the most educational and the most satisfying,” Beebie said.

Beebie says he hears a lot of concern from voters about the Durkee Street development, community policing, city finance and curb appeal. Those are on his list of plans for the city, as well as making Plattsburgh a destination place and mending the fences with community partners like the town and school district. He says that can’t start until the biggest issue is handled.

“We need to survive this current health crisis before we can advance anything further,” he said.

Beebie says his 50-plus years in the community-- and that he wants to stay in this community-- will be what win him the seat.

“I have no other intentions of working for this community right here,” Beebie said.

Democratic candidate and five-year county legislator Chris Rosenquest says his history in local government and local businesses will clinch him the seat.

He says in those five years he has been chair to the county economic development and finance committees and that he has helped bring the tax rate to the lowest point the county has seen in the last decade.

“My approach based on experience, my network and having been involved in politics and regional and local development,” Rosenquest said.

He says in his talks with voters, he has seen the same two issues stand out.

“One being downtown development and the other being our relationship with the town,” Rosenquest said.

Rosenquest says he has weekly talks with town leaders and other community partners, and that alone will help with the burned bridge because he has already successfully worked with these communities.

Also high on his nine-point plan for the city is development, making Plattsburgh a tourist destination and opportunities for growth.

“We can’t just talk about the doom and gloom of our community because it doesn’t really help us look towards the future,” Rosenquest said.

He says he hopes when voters are at the polls, they ask themselves who will do the work.

“This is something when I come into office on day one, I will be ready to be the mayor on day one,” Rosenquest said.

Elections for Plattsburgh mayor are November 3 but you can vote early. Early voting in New York starts October 24.

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