In the Garden: Arctic Fox & Little Miss Sunshine

Published: Sep. 20, 2020 at 9:59 AM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - As the weather starts to change we have a question for you: Are you more of an Arctic Fox or a Little Miss Sunshine? Sharon and Charlie explain what the difference is in this week’s “In the Garden.”

Sharon: Charlie this is a great time of year to walk around your garden see what worked well look at your neighbors garden to see what looks good in their garden

Charlie: That’s right.

Sharon: So that you can get ideas for yours next year.

Charlie: Yes and we have two great examples here in our garden because we’re always trying new plants.

Sharon: You are.

Charlie: This is called a Caryopteris.

Sharon: I have never seen that before.

Charlie: It’s called a Bluebeard is its common name.

Sharron: That other name sounded like a dinosaur.

Charlie: Yes (laughter) It did (more laughter) and the cool thing about this plant is that it can grow Up to be about 3 feet tall and has usually a blue-green kind of leaf and has blue flowers this time of year. But this is a new version of it called Little Miss Sunshine and you can tell why because it has chartreuse leaves to it which contrast beautifully with these beautiful, look at these blue flowers and the chartreuse leaves. The bees love it and the butterflies love it, it’s a great late summer early fall blooming pant and it’s a perennial. If you’re in zone five, so if you’re in warmer parts in the of the state like the Champlain, Valley Connecticut River Valley. Sharon: not so much the Northeast Kingdom and the Adirondacks. Charlie: Exactly, you can grow it as an annual and as you can see it looks beautiful as an annual but in other places where it’s warm enough it will die back to the ground and then come back next year. It’s got a nice fragrance to it and deer don’t even like it!

Sharron: Oh perfect!

Charlie: What’s not to love (laughter). The other one I really like this year is a foxglove so normally we think of foxglove has being biennials. Meeting they die back and then come back the next year another plant will pop up. This is a perennial it comes back year after year it’s only a foot or two tall but the best part about it is it has these flowers that bloom literally all summer since June to even now in September!

Sharron: Not many perennials do that.

Charlie: Exactly and this arctic fox Foxglove is really cool that way because it has beautiful pink flowers on nice stocks just deadhead them once in a while They’ll keep sending up more flower stocks so it looks beautiful right through the season even into September. Sharon: wow!

Charlie: So Arctic Fox and Little Miss Sunshine

Sharron: I like them both!

Charlie: Are two good ones to look for.

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