Lebanon schools to return to 5-days in-person

Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 5:42 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 29, 2020 at 10:31 AM EDT
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LEBANON, NH. (WCAX) - Another school district in our region is transitioning back to in-person learning full-time.

It has always been the Lebanon School Board’s intention to return to full-time, in-person learning. Starting in a hybrid model allowed the district to take the first step towards that goal.

Alden and Adara Groves have been getting a lot of outside time lately. But, that’s still not enough to convince Alden that a hybrid model is best for him. “I don’t particularly like it,” he said. He says he would rather be with his friends. “I just think it is like 10,000 times more boring than actual school.”

Adara is more torn. Like the rest of the Lebanon district, she’s been going to school two days a week and home for three since September 8th. “I like going to school because I can see my friends and I like staying at home because I can lie in bed,” Adara said.

The children’s parents have flexible jobs that made the hybrid model a realistic possibility. “We’ve always kicked around the idea of homeschooling, so for us, this was kind of an opportunity to give that a try,” said Lauren Groves, their mom.

Recently the Lebanon School Board voted to return to a 5-day in-person model. School officials say they have been able to test the mitigation strategies as well as smooth out a few logistical issues.

A statement from the school board chair, Wendy Hall, reads in part: “Our staff and students are doing an amazing job. We definitely couldn’t consider this next step without their compliance, cooperation, flexibility, patience, and perseverance.”

“I think it is good for the kids to be around their peers, it is good for them to be in school. The structure of somebody who really knows what they are doing,” Groves said.

Hundreds of parents in the district signed a petition pushing for a five-day in-person model. Groves says they support the district’s decisions so far, especially when it comes to keeping kids safe. “The masks are on, they are keeping their distance, they are doing the things they need to do,” she said.

As for the masks, Alden says he has a bunch. Adara says she’s dealing with them. “It is kind of annoying but we do get mask breaks if we are sitting social distanced at music, which is outside under a tent,” Adara said.

Of course, the weather will be changing rapidly. District officials say they will be using the next couple of weeks to further prepare for the five-day a week schedule. The target start date is October 26th.

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