In the Garden: Flower power

Published: Oct. 11, 2020 at 9:47 AM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - In this week’s “In the Garden,” our Sharon Meyer and garden expert Charlie Nardozzi talk about the power of a certain small flower.

Sharon: Charlie I love Japanese Anemones and you’ve got a nice one here.

Charlie: Oh yeah these are beautiful flowers in fall you usually get a lot of Astors and Golden Rods and Chrysanthemums, but there are other perennial flowers that are hearty tough and really easy and they provide such beautiful color.

Sharon: They look so delicate like they wouldn’t make it this late in the season.

Charlie: Exactly. Japanese Anemones grow up about 3 to 4 feet tall but most of it you can see is this wiry stem that grows up and then on the top you get either white pink or rose-colored flowers.

Sharon: Beautiful!

Charlie: And they just keep blooming and blooming these have been blooming since late August and we’re into October already. And I’ve done nothing to them really (laughter) it’s not because of me Sharron: that’s the kind of flower I like (laughter).

Charlie: These are great flowers to do as companions with maybe Monkshood that blooms late or even some of your Hydrangeas or even this Clematis is nice you can see it’s gone by but you have those little tufts on this vine.

Sharon: Gives it some texture.

Charlie: Yeah and some nice texture. These grow well in part sun or full sun as long as they have moist well-drained soil that’s kind of key with them and they will spread a little bit so you have to be careful but in the spring all you do is kind of dig up the clump and divide it or cut it back a little bit. Take some new plants that you might get and put them maybe by a streamside or a pond or in a wildflower area because they’ll do really well in those kind of settings too. There are beautiful colors to them beautiful flowers, deer don’t like them rabbits don’t like them

Sharon: Hard to knock them.

Charlie: I know hard to knock them, but there’s one caveat and that is they can be toxic to animals to pets so dogs and cats for example if they eat them. So if you have an animal that likes to eat things you might want to watch it with the Japanese anemones

Sharon: Good to know!

Charlie: But other than that they’re beautiful flower to have in the landscape and you could have them right up until frost.

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