In the Garden: Pumpkin planters

Published: Oct. 25, 2020 at 10:10 AM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - In this week’s segment of “In the Garden,” Sharon and Charlie have a plan for your pumpkins when they don’t look so GOURD-ious anymore.

“Sharon: Charlie these are really cute!

Charlie: Yes, so a lot of people decorate with pumpkins around Halloween and then Halloween is over and then what are you do with them all?

Sharon: Right, make pies! (laughter)

Charlie: Yeah you can make pies maybe. But especially if you have like the little ones, these little guys or even just a small pumpkins, the ones you didn’t carve up to make jack-o'-lanterns. So what you can make is what we call a succulent pumpkin planter.

Sharon: OK!!

Charlie: Nice, so it’s a pumpkin planter where you take succulents plants and literally pop them in.

Sharon: Now it works better for succulents than any other plant.

Charlie: You could probably do other plants but the nice thing about succulents is they have small root systems and if they dry out they’re actually OK with that. So you don’t have to take care of them so much. But the nice thing about the pumpkins that when you carve them up and open it up you don’t take the insides out so you leave all that organic matter in there and that’s gonna stay nice and moist and keep the roots of the succulent nice and moist too.

Sharon: So do you add soil to it or just stick it right in the guts?

Charlie: Well that all depends on your pumpkin so let’s cut one open and find out. So it’s best to do these with small pumpkins and you can make the hole on the top kind of as big or as small as you want it really depends on how many succulents you wanna pop in there.

Sharon: How many plants you’re putting in there?

Charlie: Yeah, exactly and just cut it all the way across being very careful as always. (Laughter) you pop it off so this one for example you can see that it’s pretty hollow but we can what we can do put a little butter tub or a hummus container something like that inside of it so we’re going to carve this a little bit so we can fit our container in there and just leave all that stuff in there we like just leaving things around. We’ll just tuck this in there we go like that and now we can pop our little babies look at this isn’t this the cutest thing in the world?

Sharon: That is very cute! (Laughter)

Charlie: So will put some soil on top of this just to kind of give us a little more base to work with.

Sharon: Yeah.

Charlie: And then will start popping the little little guys in there. So we can have this guy in there maybe this one coming over the edge over here now this one is a little Big so we’re going to have to work with this one a little differently, oh. Unless it just falls apart like that which is just which is even better

Sharon: Even easier

Charlie: Makes it even better we can just put some of the soil in around here so you get the idea you just kind of decorate your pumpkin with all these little succulents. You can water it to get them established but like I said after that because the pumpkin is so moist they’ll just kind of carry-on. And then you can just keep them in a cool room and it’ll last for weeks especially if you have a three-season porch or a place like that.

Sharon: So you’re saying through Thanksgiving?

Charlie: And maybe if you want to keep it in a cool place and the pumpkin stays intact you can put it on your table for Thanksgiving. Once the pumpkin does start to get soft and mushy you just pop them out, put them in a regular container and you have them all winter.”

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