Travel restrictions impact hunting season

Published: Nov. 13, 2020 at 4:23 PM EST
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CORNISH, N.H. (WCAX) - At least one New Hampshire hunter who bought a Vermont hunting license is voicing frustration over the current travel restrictions in place.

Out-of-state hunters cannot fish or hunt in Vermont without quarantining for 14 days. We spoke with a hunter from Cornish who says he’s been told he is not eligible for a refund for his license, which he bought back in February. Adding to his frustration, Larry Duval says Vermont hunters are crossing the border into New Hampshire daily, which means they are not following Vermont rules for non-essential travel.

“If we are going to solve the problem, then each state has got to work together. They have got to work on the same page. You know, we are saying we are not going to go to Vermont because of what Vermont wants. But now the Vermont people, they are coming over here," Duval said.

In regards to refunds, Vt. Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Louis Porter says refunds will be available in some cases. “The department is issuing refunds to out-of-state hunters who have not used their hunting license and are currently not able to use it do to travel restrictions. However, hunters who bought a combination license (fishing and hunting) will NOT be issued refunds or partial refunds if they hunted or fished in Vermont at any point during the last year,” he said in an email to WCAX.

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