Big plans for the future at Elev802

Former UVM IceCats teaming up to take their hockey skills training business to new heights.
Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 9:17 PM EST
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Earlier this year, former UVM men’s hockey head coach Kevin Sneddon joined Elev802 as it’s President and Director of Operations.

Established last year by former UVM hockey standouts Torrey Mitchell and Peter Lenes, Elev802 focuses on top level, individual hockey training. Mitchell, who recently retired following an 11-year NHL career, and Lenes, with ten years of professional experience in both the U-S and Europe, plus their staff, provide the on-ice expertise to help all levels of players to improve their games.

Because it’s focus is on individual training, or with members of the same household, Elev802 has been able to operate during the pandemic by being able to spread out training sessions to limit the number of people in the facility at any given time.

Another key is that Elev802 owns it’s own ice sheet at its facility in Essex Junction, so they don’t have to try to book time at municipal ice rinks.

Mitchell says he and Lenes feel they have a blueprint for filling a rung in the hockey development ladder.

“There’s private lessons for every other sport, but in hockey you have to have a rink, so it’s a little unique that way.”, Mitchell. “We have our own I surface. I have that background, Peter has that background of playing professionally, so it’s just natural and easy for us. We love being around kids, we enjoy passing along all of our experiences and our skill development techniques, so it’s been a great start.”

While Mitchell, Lenes and their staff focus on working with the players at Elev802, Sneddon’s role is to help the business reach new heights.

While started and based in Vermont, the team at Elev802 has plans for taking their concept of a one-stop-shop for individualized hockey training and taking it nationwide, tapping into an ever-growing core of professional players who, like Mitchell and Lenes, are looking for a way to stay connected to the sport and give back to it as well.

For the players and their former head coach, this new partnership has them all excited about what the future holds for Elev802.

“Whether it’s in Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, wherever, we’re probably targeting the Northeast primarily right now, but the number of calls we’ve had from former NHL players that want to do something like this in Las Vegas or in Nashville or other places around the country, there’s a lot of interest.”, says Sneddon. “And we’re hoping to be able to provide the model and show them exactly what they can do. Both financially, but also the importance of making sure that they’re teaching young players how to play the game the right way and continuing to grow.”

“Me and Peter love being out on the ice and doing hockey lessons and running practices and doing skill development.”, adds Mitchell. “Kevin gets to slow things down a little bit and look at it as, ‘OK, this is what we need to do to build our model into other cities.’

So we wouldn’t have the pipeline right now if it wasn’t for Kevin to try to build our business. He is huge for us.”

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