Vermont winery dropping wine to focus on liqueurs

Some big changes are coming to a Vermont wine and spirits maker in the new year.
Published: Dec. 8, 2020 at 5:47 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 9, 2020 at 4:53 AM EST
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CAMBRIDGE, Vt. (WCAX) - Some big changes are coming to a Vermont wine and spirits maker in the new year.

The Boyden Valley Winery and Distillery in Cambridge is dropping wine, the product they are most known for. Instead, they will focus on cream liqueurs.

“One of the reasons why we are focusing so much on our creme liqueur is that they’re very unique,” owner David Boyden said.

Another reason they have decided to ditch wine is that it is a long process, and it’s hard to make. After doing it for 25 years, they see more promise in spirits and the liqueurs that have been growing in popularity.

“As I’m getting older, we’re just kind of looking for a way to simplify our business a little bit and move in a direction that is hopefully a little bit easier,” Boyden said.

The liqueurs are made with complex spirits and ingredients like wood-fired maple syrup. They hope this will help them build a bigger brand.

“We’re trying to position ourselves as like the best creme liqueur in the country, you know? So that’s kind of our goal,” Boyden explained.

Their goal is to make a name nationally, but it could have a local impact at places like the Cambridge Village Market, which has sold Boyden wines but isn’t licensed for spirits.

“It’ll impact the community greatly. In that we will lose one of our great tourist attractions that we’ve had for 15 or so years, and now we are not going to have that attraction anymore,” said Bruce MacMillan, who owns the Cambridge Village Market.

Customers say they are stocking up while they can. They say they will miss this distillery’s wine that’s become a staple for them, but support the company in their transition.

“We come by here all the time. I’ve worked in Burlington for 25 years, so it’s on the way,” customer Charlie King said.

“Now with them closing, it’s sort of a rush because we’re stocking up on items that we may not be able to get in the future,” customer Shanie Bartlett said.

Boyden says he hopes his loyal customers stay with them, and that the end of wine may not be forever, they just need a break.

“We have some ideas for the future,” he said.

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