Super Senior: Yves Daigle 2.0

Published: Dec. 17, 2020 at 12:14 PM EST
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WESTFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) - As I drove into the town of Westfield past Yves Daigle’s home, I should have remembered his love of woodwork. I should have recalled the general store that held a special place for him. But I didn’t. I had made a major blunder -- five years and more than 200 Super Seniors ago, I had already profiled Daigle!

And after spending a few minutes with him at the town’s recycling center that he runs, what drew me to profile Daigle in the first place came back in a flash. The native son has been on the select board for well over 50 years, loves his community, and is proud of his daughter, Mary Lee. “People refer to him as the town mayor,” Lee said.

And in this crazy year, everyone deserves a do-over. Let’s call this one Yves Daigle 2.0. “He loves this. I think he’d had to be bedridden, hospitalized, to not appear,” Lee said. “That’s dedication.”

Reporter Joe Carroll: Last time I chatted with you, we didn’t have to wear these things. How the world’s changed, huh?

Yves Daigle: It’s changed, it’s a different world.

The recycle and trash center is the place to be on a Saturday morning to catch up with neighbors, maybe needed more than ever this year. “People get really depressed being home all the time, can’t go anywheres, you know. I think we need to get out, that’s important,” Daigle said.

“If you want to meet somebody in town, come here on a Saturday morning. The whole town cycles through here,” said Jake Couture, a fellow select board member.

“People come here and they visit,” Daigle said. Everyone’s welcome, just wear your mask. “If you refuse to wear a mask, that doesn’t help me very much.”

The 88-year-old has no intention of discarding his Saturday stint. “I don’t call it work, it’s an enjoyment, it’s an adventure!” Daigle said.

Trash talk never sounded sweeter. Here’s to a recycled Super Senior.

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