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Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 2:48 PM EST
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BURKE, Vt. (WCAX) - If you’re looking to add a little “house” to your home, or a bunch of little houses, check out Hauskaa.

“Hauskaa means fun in Finnish, but the very beginning of the word actually meant useless or diminished. So, it’s perfect for something that is being upcycled,” said founder and owner Ann Nygard.

Upcycled is exactly what their little household decorations are.

“I’m using walnut right now from local area furniture manufacturers that otherwise would have this in the scrap pile,” said Nygard.

Ann Nygard is a Lyndonville native and business mastermind. While her business experience comes from her career path, her tiny Hauskaa houses come from fond memories of studying abroad in Sweden and Finland while studying at Cornell.

“I really fell in love with that Nordic clean aesthetic of really clean lines, neutral colors, and that’s something that I’ve kept with me to this day,” Nygard explained.

In November 2019, a car accident left Nygard concussed. So, she turned to woodworking instead of screen time and joined a local makers space to learn the tricks of the trade.

She began working toward her goal of recreating the holiday village so often seen in homes at Christmas time.

“And I got to couple together this traditional craftsmanship with wood, with modern technology like laser etching. And it was just a wonderful combination,” she said.

Now, she’s good as new but decided to keep moving forward with Hauskaa.

“I now have two different makers that make these in their own woodshops,” said Nygard. “And I was lucky enough to find a woodworker on a trip who makes little Christmas trees to go with the village and he makes them from baseball bat blanks.”

Hauskaa has evolved into a four-season home decoration, including a new addition, commemorating the upcoming inauguration. The tiny white houses have laser etchings on them, with the upcoming inauguration date.

Locals or tourists alike that see her little houses across the state can take a little piece of Vermont into their homes.

“It is a coupling of that modern, sleek aesthetic, together with the heritage of Vermont that is a winning combination for people, and they really just love it,” she said.

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