8-year-old’s art raises money for homelessness

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 4:59 PM EST
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ORLEANS, Vt. (WCAX) - An eight-year-old Northeast Kingdom girl has recently been drawing prime pictures with markers and color pencils -- artwork that gave hope around the holidays for people experiencing homelessness.

Savannah Webber’s picture of Earth wearing a mask sends the message -- we share the responsibility to keep the planet and the people who live here safe.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: What are some of your favorite things to draw?

Savannah Webber: I like drawing unicorns and lots of animals.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: And why do you like to draw animals?

Savannah Webber: Because they look cute at the end.

“My wife or myself don’t really consider ourselves to be too artistic when it comes to stuff like that,” said Josh Webber, Savannah’s dad. But saw something special in her drawings from the last few months and was thinking others may see something special too. “It was more just a joke at first. I was like, ‘Hey, we should throw these on eBay. These will make some money.”

Reporter Scott Fleishman: And what did you think when he said that?

Savannah Webber: I thought it was a pretty good idea.

The idea that came next was even better. Instead of keeping the money from the sold pictures, the Orleans Elementary School third-grader and her dad decided to donate the money to the National Coalition for the Homeless. “I think it was important, because people need food and they need clothes and they need a bed,” Webber said.

“It makes you feel good as a parent to know that your child has that compassion for others. It makes you tear up and really know that your child is on the right path,” Josh said.

All 13 of Webber’s pictures posted to the site were sold, framed, and mailed. They raised a total of $825, and the first one sold -- that very same picture of the Earth wearing a mask. “I was pretty excited,” Webber said. “I didn’t think they wanted my pictures that quickly.”

Reporter Scott Fleishman: What would you say to those people who bought your drawings?

Savannah Webber: I would say thank you very much for helping people that need the money.

When it comes to her artwork, Webber isn’t drawing on her own experiences, she’s just trying to help protect those that have been through enough.

Webber’s dad says they hope to eventually sell more of her pictures for a different charity.

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