Super Senior: Liz McCredie

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 1:51 PM EST
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WOODSTOCK, Vt. (WCAX) - At the Woodstock Terrace, there’s a new addition to the senior assisted-living building.

Affectionately known as the hut, it’s a small enclosure making a big impact with residents and family alike. It’s a room for Karen Zaretzky to meet up with her 88-year-old-mother, Liz McCredie, who has spent close to a year confined to the facility because of the pandemic.

“She gets lonely, I think they’re all lonely,” said Zaretzky said. “She’s a lot of fun, we’re good friends.”

Zaretzky visits her mom, nicknamed “Lizzard,” three days a week.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Her nickname, what’s that about?

Karen Zaretzky: Lizzard. I just starting calling her Lizzard and Wizard just to kind of bring a small to her face.

Separated by a window, the mother and daughter reflect on their relationship. For McCredie, who moved to the Terrace 18-months ago, it was a rough start. She lost some of her independence, and then came COVID. “It’s been very difficult for everybody I think. Everybody,” McCredie said.

There is some good news. None of the residents have gotten COVID-19 and all have received their second vaccine shot. Officials at the facility say they are waiting for CDC guidelines as to when they can open the home to visitors. Over the last year, McCredie found an outlet. “If it wasn’t for my painting -- where I could just sit and paint, you know? -- it would have been disturbing,” she said. “I think people -- they took up a brush, it would change their whole attitude I bet you.”

Adding some color to a world at the moment that’s a little gray.

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