19 candidates in the race for pet mayor of Fair Haven

Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 2:56 PM EST
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FAIR HAVEN, Vt. (WCAX) - Town Meeting Day is March 2 in Vermont. And there is a “ruff” contest once again for the pet-mayor of Fair Haven. The popular, top-dog in town has performed well, but no time to “paws” and reflect because a slew of other candidates are clawing their way into the race. Our Cat Viglienzoni has a look at the candidates.

We start with the royal incumbent, “Murfee,” the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. His in-office accomplishments include aiding the previous mayor to get a new playground built, through fundraising. He says he’s proven he can raise money and he’s already barking for more fundraising for a dog park in Fair Haven.

Challenging Murfee this year-- a crowded field of 18 other candidates, from canines to felines to equines and more.

In the dog party, the nibbling nine all tout themselves as eager people-pleasers.

“Rusty’s” camp says he was once a stray on the mean streets of Tennessee. He has a tough backbone for politics.

“Skippy” touts his life experience. His camp says he’s an old man, but he’s also loud and can argue a lot, sounds fit for political office.

Then there are the candidates, who just look the fit.

“Tucker Wright”-- yes, two names-- he just has the look of a politician. Plus, his camp says he likes to shake hands.

Just keep an eye on “Dallas” for those same reasons.

Farmboy, “Shalom,” tri-named, “Maddie Jayne Rice,” heeler pug, “Chip,” a chihuahua named “Brown Dog” and young “Stella” could send this election to the dogs.

But clawing for a coup, the other major political-pet-party-- cats.

“Lula” has a simple, but important message from her campaign: she will eat all the mice. That is all.

“Meko’s” campaign promises are also attention-grabbing. Not only does she like to climb on the fridge, if you vote for her, she will climb on the fridge for you.

“Whisker Hepburn,” “Princess” and “Toonie” are the other felines in the fight.

Finally, the third-party candidates.

A literal dark horse, “Spirit Lee Dimick” may have a blue-blood name, but this American paint horse he’s ready to put in some blue-collar work, raising money through horseback riding.

And speaking of blue, for the first time, a bearded dragon named “Blue.” Don’t let the rugged appearance get you. His camp says he is actually a fancy, classy, gentleman.

Some winged candidates, but no political vultures.

A chicken named “Kernel.” Her camp boasted her intelligence on the farm, like being able to fly to her owner’s arm, but will it translate to political office?

A pet bird named “Tiki” says it will bring a calmer energy as it’s not as loud as other pet-bird politicians.

And voters in Fair Haven aren’t afraid of a third party. After all, the first animal mayor was a goat named “Lincoln.”

Good luck to the candidates this Town Meeting Day!

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