MiVT: Zobird Pottery

Published: Mar. 22, 2021 at 5:09 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 22, 2021 at 7:55 PM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - “It’s been like, the one and only constant in my life. It’s my meditation, it’s my flow, it’s my life, I love it,” said Zoe Rae a New Jersey native who picked up pottery 12 years ago in school. “It resonated with me much more than any other extracurricular I ever did.”

She set up shop in Vermont after graduating from Green Mountain College. Three years ago, she began a side business to keep herself immersed in pottery.

She called it Zobird, a childhood nickname from her mom and an homage to her roots that she holds close to her heart.

Working out of a maker space in Burlington called the Form Collective, Rae has everything needed to keep up with this resource-intensive art right at her fingertips.

In 2020, she took her pottery passion project full time.

“Actually the pandemic kind of pushed that one along. I was having some supplemental income from working at a restaurant downtown which ended when the pandemic hit. And now this is my full-time gig and it’s working,” Rae explained.

This functional potter sells her work all around the community, in small shops like 30 Odd on Pine Street in Burlington and in some of Vermont’s beloved farmers markets.

“I think I hope to inspire a value shift of being more connected with your local community, with your local environment and the things that you engage within the day-to-day,” Rae said.

When we paid Rae a visit, she was making a mug and a bowl.

The thing about Zobird Pottery is that all of her creations stem from things that Rae cares about. She loves plants so she makes planters. She loves food and nourishment so she makes dinnerware.

She’s also working on creating cribbage boards because it reminds her of her dad.

“I’m fulfilled by doing what I do. I hope that people who purchase my work are fulfilled in purchasing that work and feeling like they’re using something that’s slower, more intentional and, hopefully, that can continue to feed back into itself,” she said.

You can check out Zobird Pottery by visiting the website.

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