UVM students create climate podcast

Years in the making, a new podcast is ready for a listen. This one coming from the University of Vermont’s campus and tackles the climate and environmental issu
Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 8:51 AM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - A new podcast from University of Vermont students that tackles the climate crisis and environmental issues is ready for a listen.

“Ripple Effect” aims to foster and encourage conversation on climate change and a clean energy transition. Four UVM students are taking a climate podcast idea from 2019 off the ground. They say it’s focused on solutions rather than problems.

“It’s not a negative angle, it’s a positive angle,” said Emma Cripps, a sophomore student. “Yeah, just feel like you have a hand in it by understanding what the people close to you are doing about it.”

Between COVID-19 and other obstacles, this is the third group to tackle the project. But as of mid-March, season 1 has officially launched.

“It wasn’t really meant to be filled with scientific jargon or dense material, it was really designed to get to know people and how climate plays into their lives,” said Melissa Kampf, a junior.

She says the podcast is meant to bring as many people together as possible. You’ll hear from people like farmers or local politicians about environmental issues.

“By focusing on the people that are impacted in the community, by taking that lens, it makes it a lot more personal, and I think it is easier to understand. It’s something to be really proud of. A lot of our episodes are about projects people have done or programs that they are running, and I think if you know they are from your community, then it is sort of an investment in your community in what they are doing. I think it is really unique in that way,”' said Molly Hetzel, a sophomore.

The group met through a club called the Climate, Communication, Action and Literacy Laboratory, or CCALL.

Senior Jacob Weinstein says all members take action seriously.

“It’s just a fantastic group of dynamic thinkers and learners and people that care about this issue and want to incorporate this into their everyday lives,” he said.

All four members of the podcast have had an interest in the outdoors dating back to childhood. So, finding a way to incorporate it outside the classroom drove them to complete what others laid the groundwork for.

“The podcast is really just a way to reach students, community members, really anyone that is interested talking about the topic of climate change,” said Weinstein.

And while the podcast is solution-focused, the team says hearing about what is going on around you will lead to more action, big or small, going forward.

“I don’t have to be some amazing, huge climate activist who is doing things on a national stage to make a difference. And I’m able to get recognition, I’m part of, like we always say, our motto or whatever is curating the conversation on clean energy and climate,” said Cripps.

Season 1, episode 1 is already out on Spotify with two more episodes coming out.

Season 1 focuses on how people have used campus funds for climate projects. Season 2 they hope to focus on the Burlington community at large.

Then from there, they are also hoping to take on topics on environmental justice.

It’s all funded by the sustainable campus fund at UVM.

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